Week 5: A Crossroads

So I’ve managed to give my site an identity. And it’s starting to come along fairly well.

Now when you go to my website, my logo shows up on the tabs and my website has some form of an identity.

They say that you are your worst critic, so I sent the link of the websites to a few friends to look at and they seemed to react to it fairly positively.

Their criticism was the same as mine however, they wanted my blog section to be cleaned up a bit. Basically they said what I have been thinking. They want the blog, mini assignment, process posts, etc. to have all the posts as neat lists with thumbnails. So that viewers can pick and choose what blog they want to read based on the headline, instead of clicking through all of the blogs to find one they like.

With my limited skills I have identified two ways of doing that:

  1. Create a list of buttons with each blog post that I have to manually update with each post.
  2. Change the theme and risk losing the layout of the website.

Week 6 will tell what I did.

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