Week 4: WordPress Woes

So the light at the end of this tunnel is that I’ve discovered how to make my blogs somewhat aesthetic by adding pictures. If anything, I’m an expert at the blog side of things. At least, structurally. 

But I’m still struggling with everything else. I cannot figure out for the life of me, how to have my blog page display my posts as options (sort of like YouTube) instead of having it all on one webpage, like TikTok. 

I’ve discovered that if I change my menu to have categories instead of pages, I don’t have to filter through posts to assign them between Progress posts and blog posts. When writing a post, if I add a category to it. It will automatically add it to the right section.

So that little trick has saved me a world of trouble and time.

As far as the rest of the website is concerned, I’m learning a lot through trial and error. 

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