Week 3: I’m a lot Cooler Online

What I probably look like online

I made this little mood board to express how I view myself online. 

I’ve always joked that the online version of me is a lot cooler than the real me. The online me is this fit, charismatic, always smiling dude with great fashion sense and a love for animals and travel.

The real me is a little fatter, a bit underdressed, and absolutely hates cats. I still love dogs. I also recognize that the online me got a lot cooler after my first coop. That’s when I had to replace my old phone, and since I was buying myself a phone, I decided to spoil myself. My old phone had a terrible camera, so as a result all my pictures were kind of bad. My new phone has a new camera. Which means all my pictures suddenly look studio quality (at least to me). As a result I have found myself taking more pictures with it and capturing more moments. Both versions of myself were travelling, and having fun, but this one seems to be able to prove it more often.


It’s funny because most of my travels took place when I didn’t have a good camera. Now I’m travelling less. I’ve only been to 2 countries in the past 4 years, one of them being home and the other being the US for a day. But looking at my online persona, you wouldn’t believe it.

This fabricated version of myself isn’t even that bad on instagram. If  you saw my linkedin you would think I’m a genius. Linkedin is what gets me really insecure. Everyone else seems to be getting internships at Google or KPMG, meanwhile I’ve gotten so many job rejections I stopped keeping track.  

I guess the most honest version of myself is this blog. If there was a mood board based on the real me it would be just pictures of me eating more than I should at the residence dining hall and sitting in my room watching Youtube videos. But that’s just not as exciting is it?

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