Week 2: Battling WordPress

Setting up this website has been extremely frustrating. It made me realize why computer scientists are paid as much as they are. The issue with using a pre-existing template is that it is incredibly limited in what it can do. I haven’t been able to find enough YouTube tutorials to help me figure out how to change certain aspects of my website. 

I was able to successfully add new posts and made it so that it isn’t one large scrollable feed, but instead readers can scan through posts at the bottom. 

I also changed up the colour scheme to yellow as I feel it’s a rare colour to see online. 

I made a logo with Canva to add to the top left. This was added through the “Customize theme” section. 

I’m currently trying to figure out how to make the blog post be a sort of menu for my blogs instead of opening directly to the posts. 

So far, given how early it is, I’m fairly happy with the website, especially the homepage which is very no nonsense and to the point in my opinion.

The website is still a (frustrating) work in progress but it’s getting there.

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