Peer Review 1:

Alyssa’s landing page

For my first peer review I will be reviewing Alyssa’s website

It’s a well executed mix of her personal portfolio, as well as the publishing coursework.

Alyssa Lalani’s website is a portfolio of her work. When entering the website you are greeted with a brief introduction about Alyssa and some of her work. It also cleverly showcases her three areas of expertise and interest. 

Visually, her website is incredible. The introduction at the homepage leaves no room for confusion about the genre of her website, and her colour scheme works well.

From a design perspective, her website is very logically situated. All her posts are well organized and aesthetically placed along the website. I think this is largely because of her design process (outlined here) where she maps out every aspect of her website first.

She’s also mastered web design from a technical standpoint as her website doesn’t have any broken links, cluttered pages, or any other faults that stem from a lack of web design knowledge. She also added a contact card which is a great little touch.

I also like how her blog is interconnected. When reading her blog on her meme, she references and links her other blogs. Some of her blogs also resonated with me, especially the one titled “Done is better than perfect”. Her writing encapsulates her personality well and is also relatable and engaging. 

I do think that her website needs a stronger identity. Her homepage is quite strong, but the colour scheme from the homepage doesn’t really continue throughout the website. For example in her homepage, the contact section has a beautiful teal line through it, but when you click on the contact us page it is plain white. This could also be extended to the hover highlights. When you hover over a button, it is currently a lime green. I think it would fit better with the rest of the website if it was the same teal colour in the homepage.

This could be a personal preference, but I also think her website would be better suited to a header. It makes navigation between pages a lot easier and acts as a reminder for what page you are on.

I also think that the website should incorporate some of her branding into the tabs, as when you open the website in a new tab, the thumbnail is the default WordPress one. I think this emphasis on branding will also benefit her professionally as she can use it for her other projects/documents. 

On her homepage I would also recommend visually changing the three interests (layout design, design systems, and digital assets) as they look like a corporate themed website. 

Other than these minor cosmetic changes Alyssa has a very strong website, and has demonstrated a strong understanding of web design and writing.

If you would like to check out Alyssa’s blog (or steal some design cues) click the image at the top of the page.

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