Peer review 3:

For my third peer review I will be reviewing my classmate Do Hyun’s website It is an interesting and engaging way to learn about the most popular video-games on the market today.

The theme of his website is great. Both in terms of design and theme (genre) of content. His writing about gaming resonated with me as I am interested in buying a few of the games mentioned, especially Forza Horizon and League of legends. I think his audience for the blog is very clear which is why his content fits a certain theme. I also like how his writing is almost poetic. He describes Forza as a “labour of love; a game for car lovers, by car lovers”. 

Overall, I think his blogs would be better served if he added more pictures or videos from the gameplay experience. 

His website itself is also quite nice. He’s got a nice font, he has included some visuals for each blog which is great and his content is right on the first page so you can’t miss it. I also like the inclusion of the search bar on his website. I also think he nailed the URL. I don’t think there can be a more suitable URL for the blog as it explains everything about it. Pro Gaming Reviews. Clean and simple.

I do however, have a few gripes with the website.

I think the use of the main picture in the blog and blog header hinders the overall aesthetics of the webpage. I do also find that his reviews lack consistency. For example, his review of the game Assetto Corsa is organized by graphics, controls, and multiplayer. Whereas his other reviews are not organized in the same manner. I think it would be beneficial to have his reviews touch upon the same characteristics for other games. 

Only one of his reviews had these sections to talk about. I think more should have used them
I think this double header wasn’t the best design choice for the. blog

I also found that some of his reviews included jargon which was not explained. For example, he mentions that League of Legends is a MOAB but doesn’t explain what that is. For his Assetto Corsa review he also mentions a lot of technical terms that the casual gamer like myself might not be familiar with like; CM, AA, and FXAA. I think if he explained these terms somewhere it would be beneficial to the reader. 

While his website was well designed, I found it a little difficult to navigate around initially, especially to find his process posts or mini assignments. I think he would benefit from adding those sections in his menu under “PUB 101” to make them easier to find, instead of having them on the side where it isn’t immediately obvious.

Overall, his website is a nice read and I highly recommend you check out his website from the link below, if you are a casual gamer or would like to learn about the gameplay experience of a few videogames.

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