Peer Review 2:

For my second peer review I will be reviewing Justine’s website It is a funny, easy to navigate website that is a great read. 

From a content perspective, her website is incredible. Her rants are funny and well written, and she even includes a little section for anger management techniques which I found to be quite nice given the genre of her content.

Her website is also easy to navigate and there are a few custom touches which really compliment it like the loading screen which is this nice animation of a cube. Another nice touch she has added is the use of an optional night mode. I think this is great since a lot of people prefer the dark theme on mobile devices, especially when reading. Her blogs are also easy find and navigate as they are not one long, scrollable page, but instead all neatly organized as buttons.

Cube gif loading screen was a nice touch

I think her website’s target audience would be people looking for a good laugh or quick entertainment, similar to those who go on meme pages. I think it’s a very marketable website given that some of her rants can be considered quite controversial (although valid), like the one highlighting how our holidays are kind of racist since we only get time off for Catholic holidays and ignore holidays of the POC. I think this kind of content showcases her personality and is quite interesting to read as they also offer a new perspective with valid points. 

I think the content of the website is fine, but the colour scheme of the website could use some work. I do understand she would use brown, as it matches with her header but I think it provides a dated look to the website and isn’t a flattering colour for her website. I think perhaps a shade of red or blue would be nicer. I also think that if she wants to use brown it should be limited to the website accents rather than using it as the dominant colour.

Brown might not be the best choice for a primary colour

I also think the font she uses for headings would be better served if it was slimmer and sans-serif as it is easier to read online. I think something like Helvetica or Calibri would give her blog pages a nice modern and clean look. 

I also think that the header could be slimmer and more high res. Currently it takes up an awkward amount of space on the website and is fairly low resolution.

I think from a navigation point, her website is flawless, as everything is exactly where it should be and it is very well organized. 

If you would like to gain an interesting perspective in a humorous way, be sure to check out Justine’s website from the link below. You can also leave her a comment about her awesome content!

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