When it rains, it pours

I’ve been in university long enough to know that for some reason, towards the end of every semester is when professors decide to unanimously set deadlines that match. Given that I am a master-procrastinator I always end up doing an ungodly amount of work in just a few days. 

So now I’m at this wonderful stage where I’m going to learn stress management and time-management by trial and error. In the next two weeks I have to find a new place to move into, finish up some internship work, finish up all the coursework and prepare for a few finals. And because I am a procrastinator, I also need to finish up the final episode of a show I’m watching on netflix.

Now, you might be in a similar position to myself. You’re probably wondering ‘gee Amaan that sounds really stressful, how do you do it’?. Well it’s simple really. I have discovered this method of making a to-do list. A physical, on paper to-do list that you keep looking at to remind yourself you’ve got things due.

Next, I make one hour chunks of my time to finish up the work. So the schedule is almost visualized with mental deadlines on when to finish everything. This makes it seem less daunting. Another thing I have started doing is breaking down each task to its most basic levels.

A physical to do list can do wonders

For example, for my PUB 456 class, I have to create a 1 page marketing document.

So instead of putting down “1 page marketing document due” on my list, I put:

Marketing document:

  • 3 community partners with similar target audience 
  • 2 media sources who can reach our target audience 
  • 2 social media channels to market event 
  • 2 Sample posts

And then I tick them off as I go. By accounting for the little wins, I manage to keep myself motivated and make it seem like I’m actually making progress. It also keeps my mind clear because I don’t have to keep thinking about what the next step is. 

So these were my top tips for staying afloat towards the end of the semester.

Good luck!

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