The Itch to Explore

So after my previous trip to the Wadi, I figured ‘this exploration stuff isn’t so bad!’. So all I’ve done is plan out locations to go to. This week I decided I’m going to go to yet another Wadi in Ras Al Khaimah. 

After the last trip however, my brother declined to come. 

Let me tell you. Whoever said travelling alone is fun fucking lied. I had fun because my ADHD keeps me entertained. But wow. If I wasn’t driving in the worst terrain for 6 hours I would be very bored. You definitely need another person. Especially since because of the pandemic I’m not the social butterfly I used to be. But anyway, on my way to the Wadi I decided to buy an aux cable since my car doesn’t have bluetooth. Somehow I got lost and ended up on a camel racing track where the sand was so deep I ran the risk of getting stuck. There was no one in sight. The only other car that was there just flew past when I tried to flag him down for directions. Luckily the good thing about a camel racetrack is that it has an opening for the camera car. So I just took that through some backroads and made it back on the highway to buy an overpriced aux cable.

The weather was absolutely terrible in the middle. Somehow there was a sandstorm AND heavy rain. But it cleared up fairly quickly and the road dried up almost immediately. The temperature went from 43 degrees celsius to 32 degrees and then back to the low 40s. My biggest fear was the rain making the sand all muddy and more dangerous to drive in. Another great thing about travelling with someone else is that whatever danger you might face, you face it with another person. I can’t be taking unnecessary risks when I’m alone. 


When I eventually reached the Wadi I wanted to go to, I discovered that it was closed due to the pandemic. So I decided I’d make the most of this drive and explore nearby. Best decision ever. The road was rough, but not rough enough to get stuck into. There were beautiful views, goats, and old buildings. Somehow I stumbled upon a beach that I could drive right up to (and didn’t get stuck!), and discovered a lot of old Arab architecture. I decided to turn around when I discovered that in my excitement I was driving quite close to a cliff. All in all it was quite a fun trip. I found myself in awe of this country. I’d lived here for 14 years but I never knew that I could go from driving on mountains, to beaches, and cliffs within minutes.

The beach

By the time I came home I was exhausted.

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