The Apple doesn’t fall far from the Tree

I’ve discovered that I’m a lot like my father. Which is great but it’s also hilarious. 

When I was younger I would prefer studying with my mom, because my dad didn’t have the patience to comprehend my stupidity.

Like he would be there growing more and more frustrated while I would be trying to figure out how many apples I’d have if Billy took 3. 

My mom was patient, she understood that I was a child and was basically a moron. 

Fast forward to yesterday when I was teaching my sister how to drive. I did everything right. I found a big open space, set up some parking cones, and had my little brother as a spotter in case someone came.

It started off as it should have. I drove her there. Explained the rules. Told her at what point she should turn where to get the car neatly in the lot. 

And let me tell you. She couldn’t have driven worse if she tried. Like wow she was absolutely terrible. And I felt exactly like my father would have felt 6 or 7 years ago. How can someone be given all the instructions and still manage to follow none of them?

This girl was completely useless behind the wheel. Some can argue that its the fault of the teacher (aka me) but had she just listened to what I was saying she would have been able to parallel park it.

Her excuse was that her driving instructor taught her a different method. I felt like the pirate from Captain Phillips. I had to keep looking at her going “hey hey hey!”. “Look at me. I am the instructor now”. 

And she just wouldn’t do it with my technique. She hit the cones, nearly ran over me twice, and managed to waste a solid hour trying to parallel park. 

Long story short I think she’s genuinely the worst driver and she will be failing her parking test on Sunday. 

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