Taking Bigger Risks

So, now that I’ve gone to these nice places, I thought I’d get riskier with my locations and trust myself and the car a bit more. You see, the whole reason I chose locations that didn’t have sand was because I have a terrible track record with sand. I’ve gotten both cars stuck in sand, despite one being an off-roader. I just know that when it comes to driving in sand, I will get stuck. Now under normal circumstances, this isn’t too bad. The great thing about Arabs is that they are extremely helpful people. Both times I was towed out for free by people passing by. The issue is, that because of the pandemic I’m not sure if people would still be as willing to stop and help a complete stranger.

Getting stuck right next to a road. At the time I thought I broke the Axle. It was fine.

However, I was feeling a bit bolder. I discovered that there is a Ghost Village called Jasrat Al Hamrah in the south of Ras Al Khaimah. The place looks incredible and I really really wanted to go, despite the fact that the area is deep in the desert.

Because of all the fun I’d been having on my previous trips. My sister was able to sacrifice her sleep (with a little bribing) to wake up at 7am with me to drive out to the ghost village. Everytime we go to the desert we wake up super early so that we can have enough light to read the dunes when we are there. It also gives us a nice cushion of daylight in case we get stuck. 

The drive to the ghost village was fairly uneventful, it was on tarmac roads with very little drama. I already had an aux cord and a sister for company so the journey went by fairly quick. The issue arose when we were less than 2km from our destination. Google maps was taking me across a trail that transitioned from tarmac roads, to firm sand, to extremely deep sand. Now given my track record, I just stopped.  My sister was extremely annoyed since she woke up at 7am (unprecedented for her) to sit in a car for 2 hours only for me to stop when we were 2km away from our destination. 

I told her that we should walk the 2km and not risk the car getting stuck. She told me to go fuck myself. She didn’t want to walk 2kms in the desert in 45 degree weather. Fair enough. I forgot this about sand, but it feels like it reflects the heat right onto your face when you are walking through it.

We backtracked, found another road and parked as close to the firm sand as we could. We only had to walk like 150m. But those 150m felt like a whole km. It was really really hot. There was no way we could have walked 2kms. There was also a commercial being shot while we were there which was pretty cool.

The ghost village itself was pretty neat. Rumour has it, the area is over 300 years old. I’m not sure I believe that, but it’s definitely old. The whole place was buried under sand. I’d love to say that something paranormal happened but honestly it was quite boring. 

It was just a real sandy village lol.

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