Job applications rant

Applying to jobs is the actual worst. First of all, I’m at a point now where I feel that I have genuinely run out of jobs to apply for. I went from a sniper approach of having a tailored resume and cover letter to a shotgun approach of just spraying my resume around town hoping that someone responds. I went from Indeed to Craigslist looking for work. When I was younger I thought the moment you step out with a degree into the market you will be met with eager employers waiting to hire you. How wrong I was. Since the market tanked due to covid, most companies only want to hire experienced candidates. Which is fine if you have experience. But as a new graduate with barely any work experience, how am I expected to work?

But let’s move past the things we can’t control to the things we can. Why in 2020 do I have to make an account with a company to apply to work for them only to be rejected? Why when making that account am I required to upload my resume and then be required to fill in my work experience manually? What was the point of my resume if I have to fill in my experience anyway?

Then let’s say you get past all those steps and somehow don’t get rejected immediately. Companies will make you play mind games to figure out your attention span which you cannot repeat. Those results are kept anywhere from 4 months to a year on file so that everytime you apply for a job with said company, they judge you off those results. Now imagine the joy I had when I was doing these mind games and the fire alarm in my building went off. So now I’ve been consistently getting rejected from this company because of the mindgame results.

This is a screenshot of the easier psychometric tests.

Let’s say you get past that psychometric test and get to an actual interview. Now let’s say your interview goes well. There’s no follow up. Sure if the company is nice and big they will send you an automated response but a lot of companies just ghost candidates. Why? Just say we got rejected so we can move on.

While we’re on the subject, can we talk about the stupid questions companies ask? I mean I’ve heard the smallest companies that literally no one has ever heard of ask “Why do you want to work with us?”. I mean I know I’m supposed to talk about their values and how the company is great. But at some point we have to start valuing honesty because I can’t keep lying to companies like this. 

Off-topic, but I also hate this transition into a business casual dress code. I waited my whole life to be able to grow up and wear suits and now that I’m finally entering the job market suits are outdated? BRO. Please. Normalise wearing suits again they look so cool. I don’t want to go into finance just to wear a suit. 

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