I’m not crazy but here’s my theory.

Okay, full disclosure. I don’t believe the Earth is flat or that Vaccines cause autism. But, I do have this theory after speaking to my dad.

I’m sure you must have noticed recently the sheer amount of ‘hustle harder’ ‘sleep is for the poor’ messages being spread by online personalities such as Gary Vee. I don’t know why, but for some reason if you aren’t working on 3 side-hustles, 1 business and your sales skills you are a loser. In the past few years I have seen a shift that is encouraging people to become freelancers or independent consultants who work on their own schedule and don’t work for a large corporation. There is a shift encouraging people to start side-hustles and become independent contractors because it’s how you get rich.

Here’s my theory: that narrative is being spread by corporations who benefit from hiring you as an independent contractor rather than an employee. Think about it objectively, employees have rights. They have unions, they have healthcare, dental, retirement plans, etc. All of this is paid for by the corporations. But if they hire an independent contractor, it becomes way cheaper for them. Instead of paying for the healthcare of 30 employees, giving them a reasonable amount of hours to work, and paying for their overtime. Companies can now just outsource the work to you, paying you slightly more in cash but taking away your benefits so that they can profit. 

We have glamorised working for ourselves but where did this narrative come from? Why do people think it’s acceptable to constantly grind away our youth only for the hope of being rich one day? I truly think this narrative has corporate interests in mind and is somehow being propagated by them. No one wants to work a desk job. But you cannot deny that there is a great amount of comfort and security in working one, when compared to starting a business or becoming an independent contractor. It just seems too good to be true right now.

Hustle culture is being promoted way too much

It’s made to look cool and normal

I mean, hustle culture is toxic to begin with we all know that. But where did it arrive from? Where in the age of Uber having lawsuits for not treating ‘employees’ properly because they are legally ‘independent contractors’ hustling and working hard, are we normalizing hustling and working as independent contractors?

More independent contractors in the market don’t benefit anyone except large corporations.

It just seems a little interesting and coincidental that as corporations are realising that it is cheaper to have less employees and more independent contractors, we’re seeing the glorification of hustle culture and independent contract work. Not just that, but we’re seeing this trend in people who are younger. Like why does a 16 year old need to own a business and be investing in stocks? Live your life. 

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