It’s really funny how when I was in quarantine I couldn’t wait to be a free man and go out. Now that my quarantine has ended. I’ve been staying in all day. I’d like to tell you that with my newfound freedom I went and reconnected with my friends and had a complete personality change and I’ve come out of quarantine meditating with 12 new certificates, and am a licensed neurologist. But I have somehow managed to procrastinate more when I had all the time in the world. I literally did nothing in quarantine. And now that I’m out, I’ve been staying in.

BC Covid Cases keep rising

On another topic, it is scary how quickly BC’s numbers are rising. I’m really curious to see how this new normal evolves. I think this is a great time to learn about the human condition. We all complain about how we have no time and for the first time in history nearly everyone has time, but we do nothing with it. I’ve also come to the profound realisation that we humans are basically really complicated plants who need a certain amount of sunlight and outside time to remain sane. 

Anyway there really isn’t much of an update today. Just thought I’d share what I’m feeling.

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