Election Week

These elections had me stressed and I’m not even American. I mean, watching these states flip from red to blue gave me the same rush that a football match does. Except a football match doesn’t really have any lasting impact and lasts a few hours at most. The way Nevada was counting those votes you would think they were intentionally building suspense.

What I found most shocking was just how many people voted for Trump. I figured that with everything that happened during his presidency people would rather have someone else in office. Somehow he managed to become the second most voted man in US history. Unreal if you ask me.

Watching the states flip from red to blue was such a rush

That being said, I absolutely love how we manage to commodify everything. Apparently you could bet on the results of the election and make money, like a sport. I really believe that the stress and rush from this election was comparable to any other sport.

I mean the sheer relief you feel to watch your team win is astounding. Probably not best to get all political but I’m glad Trump lost because I was getting real tired of all the Trump jokes, I feel like I had heard them all. I can’t wait to be laughing about other things next year. Finally feels like we can breathe again.

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