14 Day Quarantine

Wow do I regret travelling. SFU residence wouldn’t allow me to be on residence to quarantine as it poses a threat to other students. Which is fair. But I would argue that since I live in townhouses with ONE other student who lives a floor above me I could get away with it. But I get it. The only issue was finding an affordable airbnb for 14 days as this was an unexpected expense. This airbnb was the cheapest I could find and it still cost over $700. And I’ve got to pay for food too.

Other than that minor issue, I’ve got to deal with the actual quarantine. BOY is it boring. I’m in a basement suite near downtown and my screen time has been through the roof. I’ve got 0 entertainment here, and for some reason I’m actually doing worse in classes since I can’t find the motivation to work.

Screen time has gone WAY up.

I’ve been trying to edit some clips from my Dubai trip on iMovie as a little personal project to keep me entertained but each day still sucks.

Oddly enough, it made me realise how inhumane the prison system actually is. Like, social isolation really can wear a man down.

On the bright side, technology is truly wonderful. I signed up for a month of free trials from Doordash and Instacart so getting food has become fairly affordable now.

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